We are actively seeking individuals with direct experience that meet our service offering for construction and maintenance projects throughout the USA, as well as internationally.

  • Welding Inspectors (AWS / CWI or International Equivalent)
  • API 1169, API 653, API 510 & API 570 Inspectors
  • NDE Level II & III Inspectors, including AUT auditors.
  • NACE Level II & III Inspectors (including Parent and Field Joint Coatings)
  • Weld Qualification and Welder Testing Programs
  • Pipe Mill Inspectors
  • Clad Pipe (MLP) Pipe Inspectors
  • Duplex & Super Duplex Coiled Tubing Inspectors
  • Umbilical Inspectors
  • Forging & Bend Inspectors
  • Subsea Valve Inspectors
  • Subsea Tree Inspectors
  • Onshore pipeline and Spool Base Inspectors
  • Electrical Cable Inspection
  • Controls Inspection
  • Offshore Construction and Vessel Inspection
  • Electrical/Controls/Instrumentation Inspectors
  • Vessel Inspectors
  • Construction Managers
  • Cheif Inspectors
  • Welding Engineers
  • NDE Engineers
  • Coating Engineers
  • Integrity Engineers
  • Quality Managers
  • Quality Engineers
  • Quality Coordinators

To register for available Inspection opportunities, please register and submit your resume to SpectrumQII on-line database at:

(Please note: Spectrums QII data based has been designed specifically to meet our client needs, and hence it is built around project experience.  You may register and upload your resume, but candidates that spend time specifically entering project history detail and keeping it up to date, typically return in candidate searches by clients.)